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A Small Fortune-Capsule Review

Kevin works with his horse on the shores in Prince Edward Island, he's dragging the front of the ocean to gather the Moss to make some money.

A little later on in the film a small amount of cash shows up in one of his finds, along with a large bag of cash, subsequently, people start showing up that the money belongs to

This may sound very similar to a lot of what Hollywood has put out, but there's a different angle, there's a different approach here. The style of filmmaking is different, of course your setting is different because it's in Prince Edward Island and we don't get a lot of movies from there.

We have some great performances here all around. Also this seasoned reviewer for me there were a few surprises I must admit I didn't see where they're going with some of it and I like that when a film can surprise me.

But this is a capsule review so I have to keep this short so when permitted I can do a full review.

Some notes from the press release:

The largest budgeted P.E.I. Feature ever is set to premiere at FIN: Atlantic

International Film Festival in September.

First-time feature filmmaker Perry assembles an incredible cast that includes Stephen Oates

(Under The Weather, Black Conflux), Liane Balaban (Covert Affairs, The Grand Seduction),

Andrea Bang (Kim's Convenience, Luce) and Joel Thomas Hynes (Little Dog, Orphan Black).

Perry himself is a Greenburg award-winner who stuns with his debut feature here, a powerful

and thrilling tale of family and the struggle to put those you love first at any cost.

“This is a masterclass in acting that went on-screen for A Small Fortune, and I'm so proud and

fortunate to have worked with these talented individuals,” said director Perry. “They put their all

into this film, and it shows in every single frame.”

The film is a co-production between P.E.I. And Newfoundland. Saltwater and Rink Rat

Productions, run respectively Jason Arsenault (Wharf Rats), Jenna MacMillan (Just Passing

Through, Wharf Rats), and the latter's Mary Sexton (Maudie). Also aboard are executive

producers from Note From Home, run by famed stage presence, director and producer Duncan

McIntosh and David Cyrus MacDonald, member of band Paper Lions.

Cinematographer Jeff Wheaton (Murmur) is aboard, as is editor Justin Oakey (A Fire In Cold


This is the first feature film for the Island-based production company Saltwater Films, and

it has been acquired by levelFILM for Canadian distribution. The feature is slated for 2022

release through the indie distributor.

“The fact that we are making stories shot on and involving P.E.I. is so important. It gives us the

ability to showcase the beauty and grit of this place,” said producer Jenna MacMillan.

"There is so much talent on our Island; something is really going on here at the moment. And

we are looking forward to giving everyone a taste of what our company has on offer during FIN."

Tickets for A Small Fortune are available online here, and it shows Saturday, Sept. 18 at 9:00

p.m. At Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane, and will be online from September 16, 2021, to September

23, 2021.

The film was produced by Saltwater Films & Rink Rat Productions and was funded in

partnership with Telefilm, Innovation PEI, Superchannel, Newfoundland Film Development

Corporation and local private investors.

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