• Anthony Nadeau

Abby K & Matthias Clark Release Video For Whatever Happened(To Where We Belong)

Abby K was an artist that was sent to me to listen to a few months ago on Music Submit, I have since been sent some pictures from here as well as her newest single "Whatever Happened To (Where We Belong) with Matthias Clark. (All images were provided to me by Abby K.)

She has a warm and soothing sound to her music and her voice is also calming, she has a nice quality in her music and I am glad to help shine a light on her single here.


Straddling the line between classic Americana and traditional acoustic folk, Abby K crafts an interwoven patchwork of soundscapes that reflect her journey with an airy grace. Abby’s sound taps into a variety of influences, including her Kentucky roots, her Midwest authenticity, and the grit of her adopted home between the mountains and sea. After a lifetime east of the Mississippi, Abby K landed in the Pacific Northwest music scene with nothing but her guitar, a handful of songs, and a big desire to dive into the vibrant community. Determined to find her true voice, Abby took every opportunity to get out there and play: participating in songwriting circles, open mikes, showcases, and traveling tours.

Every song Abby K writes is brought to life through the people she meets and experiences she, witnesses, without pretense. Abby’s sound is as green, lush, and dramatic as the Pacific Northwest. Her melodies are instantly hummable and imminently memorable, and her stories will hit you smack dab in the heart. Every song I write is brought to life through the people I meet and the experiences I witness. Most songs are not literal narratives of my life, but rather literal feelings I have felt over the span of many decades covering many topics including heartache, loss, self-discovery, and my favorite, empowerment. I have created my own “genre” of music I call Heart Rock. Music that matters to my listener's hearts and souls. Writing and creating music is similar to the air I breathe: without it, I would suffocate.

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