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Ayreon: Transitus CD Review(Available Now)Mascot Label Group

Each time that I am sent Arjen Lucassen's music I feel very fortunate for this man has the musical talent of a genius and to hear each of his masterpieces is quite an honor. The buildup for this story is a ten-minute piece of music that helps build the tension for the upcoming piece of music.

If you remember the read-along books that we had when we were kids, there is a comic book that tells the story and it also has the lyrics for the songs as we read along.

The story is about Daniel & Abby. Abby is one of the housekeepers at Daniels father's mansion and because of their love for each other it comes at great risk for his father will not allow any goings-on between family and the staff.

Tommy Karevik as Daniel

Cammie Gilbert as Abby

The night has Abby putting Daniel to bed and she lights some candles and upon leaving the room they soon start a fire and Daniel perishes in the fire, she is grief-stricken and we then, the listener travel back in time to 1883, where Daniel has the opportunity to convince the angel that she was not to blame for his death.

Daniel & Abby are very much in love, but as most stories of love go there is always someone who wants them to not have such things. Daniels's brother Henry feels that Abby is only with Daniel because of the wealth of the family.

Paul Manzi as Henry

Henry goes and tells their father of the news and he then calls Daniel to the great hall.

Very irritated by the news he tells Daniel to "Get Out, Now!"

Dee Snider as Daniels father

Among the great vocalists that he has on the album, as usual, he has the aid of some fantastic musicians as well. For this album, he has a narrator. A few years back for one of his own albums he had Rutger Hauer narrate the album, this time it is Mr. Tom Baker who is best known as Dr. Who.

We follow closely to the story and what a beautiful tale of forbidden love.

The shift between this world and the world of the angels and the love that they find fascinating that we the human being can feel and that is why she is interested in human nature.

Because of the power of the music and that of the singers I often get goosebumps as I listen to the album and I have not been able to stop playing this as many of his previous album, such a joy to hear this creation of his every time.


Tom Baker – The Storyteller

Tommy Karevik – Daniel

Cammie Gilbert – Abby

Johanne James – Abraham

Simone Simons – The Angel of Death

Marcela Bovio – Fury, Servant, Villager

Caroline Westendorp – Fury, Servant, Villager

Paul Manzi – Henry

Michael Mills – The Statue

Dee Snider – Father

Amanda Sommerville – Lavinia

Dan J. Pierson, Jan Willem Ketelaers, Lisette van den Berg, Marjan Welman, Will Shaw, Wilmer Waarbroek – Villagers

Dianne van Giersbergen – Soprano

Hellscore – Choir (directed by Noa Gruman)


Arjen Lucassen – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Glockenspiel, Dulcimer, Toy Piano

Joost van den Broek – Hammond Organ, Piano, Fender Rhodes

Juan van Emmerloot – Drums

Ben Mathot – Violin

Jeroen Goossens – Flutes, Woodwinds

Jurriaan Westerveld – Cello

Alex Thyssen – French Horn

Thomas Cochrane – Trumpet, Trombone

Patty Gurdy – Hurdy Gurdy

Joe Satriani – Guitar Solo on "Get Out! Now!"

Marty Friedman – Guitar Solo on "Message From Beyond"

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