• Anthony Nadeau

Baby Money Review(Fantasia International Film Festival)

The film opens with a young woman who's having an ultrasound, she's reportedly 8 months along and in her pregnancy, she's speaking to the technician.

She is quite scared and quite the concerned look on her face she alerts the technician that she's not sure how she's going to be able to do this because she by no means is wealthy so she's going to be concerned about the well-being and upbringing of her child.

Then switch to later on in the story of her and her boyfriend meeting in the parking lot and he's got some other guys that are coming with them. They're going to be doing a home invasion they're sneaking in not knowing if anybody's home, mind you, they're looking for a certain something they were sent there by somebody else they don't know exactly what it is or where it is for that matter.

They enter the home we are shown that there are three people in the home grandparents and a young girl maybe about 10. Things don't go as planned, a shootout occurs and they're left running from the law. Now she's been sitting out in the car waiting for them to finish this job, because the neighbors have come out she panics and she flees leaving them to deal with whatever they're dealing with on their own. Very quickly the police are called, the neighborhood is surrounded there are helicopters, so they're surrounded. They run into a neighbor's home and they barricade themselves in the garage of the home we are then introduced to a young woman and her son who has MS and he has seizures in different parts of the film, really good strong characterization.

We run into a lot of similar plot stories for this kind of movie very redundant very standard there's one guy who wants to be the negotiator, he's the decent guy.

The mother's concern for the well-being of her son albeit then we have the guy who's kind of calling the shots, he's the tough guy and he's not going to take anybody's advice because he knows what's best, the standard typical run of the mill kind of cookie-cutter storyline that we see in this kind of movies.

The difference-maker for me was near the end of the film it becomes a real cat mouse kind of game that goes it goes from the redundant storyline that was kind of stuck with this really really helps the film, this was the selling point for me. The performances are good for what their characters are written for, the women kind of unite through this whole thing and it's a real kind of finish that I didn't really see coming. I'd seen it going a totally different way because it was so standard formula I was expecting to just go down the same lane but, it took a small detour, they even surprised me which is hard to do because I can usually play these movies out before they're even done, so good one on them.

I read in the press notes that the director was so fierce, so passionate about making this project that he sold his house to do so, that in itself makes me want to go back and watch the movie because here's somebody who's invested so much. I mean people go to the bank for loans for crazy stuff but this man actually sold his house to finance this film because he doesn't have any rich relatives or friends he didn't want to borrow from the bank because he'd be paying that off forever instead he consulted with his wife and he made it happen. So he's got it on screen and he's got the lead actress Danay Garcia(Fear of the Walking Dead) I've never seen her before but she's she reminds me of a young Rosario Dawson and she's quite good in this that says a lot to me as a lover of film is that somebody's going to go to that length to get a project done, that's the passion for you like my hats off to him and the crew for making it happen for pulling it off.

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