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Blood In The Snow Film Festival Movie Reviews- The Shorts!

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Something new has happened as you can see from the poster above-where the festival was once held indoors is now having to be online, but this event is different because the people behind the festival have been able to acquire the help of Super Channel here in Canada to present the festival to Horror, Sci-Fi, and nightmares galore right in your own living room.

In this portion of my reviews, I am going to cover the short films and alphabetically

Across The Bridge Run time 5:07 mins- (Emerging Screams)

In this animated short is about a young boy who has emersed himself so far into his video game and has asked his older sister's help to get him across the bridge, she declines and he is left to fend for himself and try to defeat the big monster guarding the bridge. Not much information is given for the reasoning to get across the bridge, but overall it looks good.

A Dinner Party- Run time 12:00- (Pre Feature)

In a time very similar to what we are going through right now, a young woman is hosting "A Dinner Party" with people she clearly has a major difference with, they exchange a few unpleasantries during the dinner. We are just outsiders looking in on an uncomfortable situation that we know nothing on. That is ok, the unknowing of what has previously happened between her and her guests is what makes this one of the better shorts in the festival. Often less is more plus the pay off at the end is best.

An Imposter Run time 3:14-(Funny Frights)

A lot can happen in three minutes. baby cries, a man assures his wife that he will take care of it.

He prepares coffee for himself and a bottle for the baby. Upon looking out the window, he sees a man waving back at him--but wait it's him? Sometimes three minutes isn't enough but it works here.

Attack of the Killer Scarecrow Run time 11:14 (Pre Feature)

We have young kids going into a cornfield that they have been warned that they shouldn't--see where we're going here? It works for a while but when the scarecrows start emerging from the field it's almost comedic, for me it lost my interest.

The Ballad Of Sharkasaurus Run time 13:39 (Funny Frights)

In what would make the studio The Asylum happy comes the Ballad of Sharkasarus - or land shark on two legs. This is a fun film overall that has "camp" written all over it--if you take it too seriously it might come back to bite you.

It's the wild west meets Tremors kind of comedy.

Clout Run time 15:29- (Pre Feature)

There seems to be a number of shorts/films about what social media is doing to the younger generation and their need to belong and be popular amongst their peers.

This does a fantastic job in its portrayal of what lengths many will go to in the need to be popular, Caitlyn Banks is fantastic here in the lead role, and her delivery is what makes it all the better.

Crea(e)ture Run time 2:24 - (Funny Frights)

This really started from a complaint--no really it did and the complaint is valid, however, if I tell you what the complaint is then I would give away the film--really take 2 minutes out of your life and give it a look.

Day Break Run time 1:00 (Dark Visions)

Not much can be said in 1 minute, nothing is said just a young woman trying to get a break in before she goes back to whatever it was before we are with her--then it's over. The poster almost gives it away.

Don't Text Back Run time 14:29- (Funny Frights)

A young woman goes out with a pretentious and egotistic man, he has bought her a necklace that he can control and he has been using it as a torture device if she doesn't text him back the necklace chokes her. She goes to get help from a woman who is quite skilled at breaking spells.

This is listed under the "Funny Frights" category, I personally didn't see the humor in this-not because of the subject matter but rather the performances were not very strong.

Down Deloro River Run time 12:01(Emerging Screams)

I really liked this film and its one that could be great as a feature film, even though we have read or seen the story before, it's the performances and the overall mood of the film that works best here.

Two young men rob another man at the start and they journey down the river and have an argument along the way.

Escape The Night Run time 5:46 (Dark Visions)

This is one of those films that you are glad you came along for the ride.

In what looks and sounds like a night not too unfamiliar for all of us at the current time, however, we are not in the stages of Mad Max/Night of the Living Dead--thankfully.

A young woman is heading out --for who knows what--but along the way she sees many things including a man who is on fire and chasing a young man onto an abandoned bus, can she get to him in time?

Expecting Run time 7:31 (Dark Visions)

This is one of the best shorts I have seen this year and I am thankful for the opportunity to see it

A young woman is expecting a baby and invites her friends over to celebrate and to ask them if they would honor her with being the godparents of her child, they are taken aback as they cannot have children so they are offended and suddenly leave the dinner. The woman visiting forgot her purse so they go back up and are met with more than they thought possible.

FREYA Run time 16:16 (Pre Feature)--My Personal Favorite of the short films-

The Twilight Zone is not gone, it's very much alive in this short.

A young woman returns from work and is greeted by her personal assistant in that she has device like a Google device or Siri.

Some personal changes happen to her and she is feeling like she has no space and a computer that is acting like her mother, or even worse a dictatorship of sorts. She dares not to try to have any of a personal life because Freya will catch wind of it. When she uses the washroom, Freya tells her things about her weight and other such personal things. I liked how this is such a reality for a lot of people they come home and have their contact at the house which is this computer of sorts.

Ingredients Run time 23:20 (Pre Feature)

Sometimes connecting with another writer is a good thing, other times maybe not a good thing

Here we have a young man who is having a hard time starting his writing of a story, his roommate is leaving to go see his girlfriend/fiance. In his absence, his cousin is going to be staying at the apartment, but he assures him that they have a lot in common, like writing and similar tastes in movies. Things get odd during the course of the time spent together they start to cook food together and this is where we get the title from and a little more than we expected. Beautifully executed and I was not ready for the ending and it was a nice surprise.

Innocence Run time 7:37

A man has a committed a crime--or has it? He has something red on his fingers which he says is from a pomegranate, or was it the paint he was using earlier?

He's trying to convince himself of something but what that is, is uncertain what the investigation is truly about, but he comes clean at the end.

Kitty's Naughty Knickers Run time 12:45 (Funny Frights)

Yes apparently this is a thing to buy used underwear on the internet and that is exactly what this short is about, don't worry there are no used panties being shown here. What we have is our lead trying to pay to go to law school and she heard of another young woman who sold hers for a couple of thousand dollars for wearing them for a very long time. Quite well done and entertaining.

Landgraves Run time 22:33 (Pre Feature) Frenc With English Subtitles

A slow burn film and what a treat this film is. Looking to talk to the members of a death metal band who wear allegedly involved in a murder. I really enjoyed the performances in this film, even the really creepy vibe that it had throughout and what was going to happen next. The end certainly comes out of left field that had me covered in goosebumps. Great job cast and crew.

Mama's Home Run time 3:24 (Dark Visions)

A ghost story but no ghost present. Her daughter is asked to put the dishes away Mama leaves to pick up her other daughter, then returns, she goes upstairs. She does not come back downstairs and then the front door opens again and it's her once again, she forgot the car keys.

The daughter then goes upstairs to see what is going on with the other woman who looks like her mom, some things are better left alone.

Misha Run time 10:44 (Dark Visions)

Brilliantly orchestrated and well-performed short tells the story of Misha and her mom. Some really dark things are going on in the film but it's far too enjoyable to speak even lightly on the film without giving the entire little film away.

Mourn Run time 11:03 (Dark Visions)

At the office and waiting to go home the door opens and a young man is waiting to talk to her, she is, after all, a psychologist and he needs to talk to his deceased wife. She allows him to stay for a bit but when she finds out why he is really there for she asks him to leave, they have a little more in common than she knows.

Very slick and great build-up throughout the story and even better ending than I had envisioned.

On The Water Run time 15:08 (Emerging Screams)

With plans to make lunch after his quick swim across the lake, brother and sister have rented a cabin. He gets his little swim in but then is met by a couple with a boat, hours later he's not back.

She goes out and tries to get help from the local police department but he has not been missing long enough for them to put out a missing person's report. The ending kind of left me scratching my head though.

The Pergamentum Run time 5:40 (Pre Feature)

Since I can remember there have been stories of monsters in the deep water, Creature from the Black Lagoon & Jaws come to mind for sure. Here we have two scientists who hear noises coming from below the surface of the water, sometimes it's better not to know what is down there.

The Door Down The Hall Run time 6:37 (Emerging Screams)

Sometimes nightmares go on for a long time--this one is just over six minutes. Do not think that does not mean that is not done well, because believe me as a short story writer and avid fan of short films this is one great little story.

The Problem With Lady Werewolves Run time 13:27 Funny Frights

In what I thought was going to be a slight tribute to Ginger Snaps, it's clearly not just a story of two women who are bitten by something one night when they are trying to get home from a party that they don't want to be at.

This works because the young women are very good in their roles

The Visitor Run time 1:00 Dark Visions

If you blink you might miss this one, end of story

Too Late Run time 5:04 Emerging Screams

Easily one of the best short animated films that I have seen this year. A man is doing exactly as the title suggests- he's staying too late at the office and what becomes regular work and consumption of coffee becomes a nightmare.

Trim Run time 5:02 Dark Visions

In trim we are taken to a hair salon where a young woman wants to get her hair done--roots basically, what is a usual peaceful experience turns into a nightmare beyond imagination.

The mood quickly turns from a nice moment to something reminiscent of "Maniac" in a way.

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