• Anthony Nadeau

"Bloody Hell" A Trip You Won't Soon Forget

Hang on tight because you are in for one "Bloody Hell" of a ride!

Sarcasm and horror go hand in hand here, this works on all levels--a tense bank robbery shot in a style not like most of them are shot.

Boise Idaho, USA we have Rex(Ben O'Toole--Hacksaw Ridge, Detroit)) who is just waiting his turn in line at the bank, but more importantly for the teller Maddy(Ashlee Lollback) and just wanting to talk to her. Then the bank gets robbed and within a few minutes, he takes out the robbers.

Eight years later he is let out of prison for the crime of taking the law into his own hands, he is met with adulation from the public and the paparazzi-making life outside prison unbearable.

While in prison he shot a spitball at a map he had hanging in his cell and he decides to run from America and go to the other (spitball-inspired) country, Helsinki, Finland.

He waits at the airport and finds that there he is also noticed, he quickly departs from the waiting area.

In a roundabout way, he runs into the family above, and they want to have him stay with them.

Let's just say that they are not the greatest of hosts, hell they don't even make sure he's comfortable.

If you are a fan of the sarcasm of The Evil Dead series, Shawn Of The Dead, or Tucker & Dale vs Evil--then I am sure you will enjoy this!

The image above gives you a feeling of fear but it's not what it seems, when Rex was under stress in prison, he was able to find calm by creating another image of himself. Kind of a psycho trait, but is pulled off wonderfully by Ben O' Toole. I believe he will be a new horror icon after this role.

His other self warns him not to let the family know that he is awake, the two start to develop a plan for them to get out.

They even try to remember the plot of Stephen King's 'Misery' to help in their escape.

This is off the wall like nothing you have seen before. Inventive, creative, and solid as hell funny.

Car chases these days don't have some of the excitement that this movie did, the score and directing are solid as is the editing and cinematography are top-notch.

This is easily one of the best-thriller, horror movies I have seen in years and I enjoyed it so much that I need to add it to my collection.

I cannot recommend this movie any more than that without giving away too much and I would rather you watch it without knowing any more than I did going into it.

Maybe leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it.

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