• Anthony Nadeau

Boiling Point Movie Review -Available Now- Saban Films(Katrina Wan PR)

In what I think is one of the better films of the year comes Boiling Point, a firey and shot all in one take. It's the busiest night at one of the hottest spots in town, the place is buzzing, but it's also got the staff in a frenzy.

The film starts with a surprise visit from the health inspector and this puts the head chef Andy Jones(Stephen Graham) in a stressful situation as they were once at a level five star rating and now they are a three.

Take also that he has moved out on his own and has some personal issues of his own that are hurting his relationship with his son.

Also, they have a visitor in one of the top food critics in town, who is also a friend of Andy's but this comes with some complications as well, which just adds to the already stressful situations he's dealing with.

The realism portrayed here is very real and there are some situations that happen that go unresolved, but that's what life is like, not everything gets resolved or even brought up again.

One of the young servers serves a table where the man is clearly racist towards her, she was just covering the table because her colleague was serving other customers, she finds her later and said that she has to talk to her later about something.

Because of all the situations that are happening, a possibly fatal accident where a customer who has a nut allergy is served a salad dressing with almond oil in it.

I feel like everyone here is a or has been an actor on the stage. The film is shot in one take is the reason that I made that previous mention because it plays out like a play, I can't remember the last time I was riveted to the screen as much as I was to this film, even some of the action movies these days aren't as intriguing or as interesting. I have never worked in a kitchen or restaurant so I cannot say if this is an accurate portrayal of what goes on in one, however having worked in customer service for over 30 years, I can say the relations between co-workers and customers are very real here.

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