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Dirty Shirley Self Titled Album Review Available Now

Updated: Sep 20, 2020


Dirty Shirley

Frontiers Music s.r.l.

24 January 2020


Dino Jelusic - lead vocals

George Lynch - guitars

Trevor Roxx - bass

Will Hunt - drums

There are times in your life when you just hear something so real and incredibly raw in talent that it takes you a few times to let the awesomeness sink in.

I think of bands back when I was discovering music when I was a child(The Beatles-Elton John), teen,(RUSH, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen) young adult, mature man and now--this is quite an incredible album, such diversity, and excitement to hear the next song.

George Lynch has made some pretty incredible music these past few decades with the bands he has been in Dokken and Lynch Mob, just to mention a few.

Back in 2017, he teamed with Micheal Sweet the lead singer of Stryper, a Christian Rock Band--that too was an amazing album.

George playing guitar and Micheal giving us his talent through his vocals, such a gifted singer he is.

Now we have Dino Jelusick from Croatia who has impressed many with his band before this collaboration Animal Drive, which got George Lynch to call him and asked him to sing for this new band that he has started.

I have watched some of the live videos of Dino singing and he is incredibly talented as a singer --have a look at their first video for

"Here Comes The King"

If you are a fan of this song trust me the rest of the album is worth picking up and giving it all a listen a few times.

The lyric video below is the 2nd song on the album. "Dirty Blues"

"Higher" is just a basic video of Dino at the microphone, he does show some respect for the rest of the band by doing a bit of air band practice during the instrumental breakdowns on the song.

All in all, great song and another reason this album is so fantastic.

"Cold" is my personal favorite song on the album, just a great groove , vocals I really feel like this is the song where the band is really tight.

If you are still here, first off I thank you and second let me know what you think of the band.

Comments are always welcome and suggestions are most welcome as well.

Thank you for reading this



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