• Anthony Nadeau

Don't Breathe 2 Movie Review Available Now Sony Pictures(Taro PR)

So where the first film left off this one kind of picks up a few years later and he is now living in another home with his daughter.

At the start of the film, there is a group of men rather that are determined to get the young woman away from him and there are some pretty creative ways in which he tries to stop them from doing so.

He actually finds a new way to use glue and this isn't bad for a sequel as far as sequels go it was missing that certain edge though I'm not sure why they decided to have this young girl in the film or even to have him as an as good a rescuer because in the first one he was neither good nor bad he was just kind of misunderstood in this one, he's kind of like the anti-hero and then it gets into this whole entire thing about stealing of organs and gets it totally away from what happened in the first film, which is good because who wants a repeat of what we saw before?

Where the strength is in the side characters-or "bad guys" because then that gives us someone to root for, but the villains are only convincing for a while, and they kind of lose their appeal.

Overall, even with the faults, this is a fairly decent sequel, I just hope we can start to breathe again and not need any more of these.

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