• Anthony Nadeau

Downeast Movie Review- (Available Now)

When I first saw the trailer for this film I was intrigued. Sure the story seemed similar to many other ones in the same genre, but upon seeing the film and getting the chance to have a better look at it, is always something more-there is so much more here.

The setting is in the fishing district of Maine, we first meet some of the main characters on this boat.

Marty(Kirk Fox)-left- is on board with Jimmy(Greg Finley) as they are surprised to find some drugs in one of the cages for crabs they have hauled in from the waters.

Jimmy's Uncle Billy played wonderfully by Dennis Cockrum(Shameless) is in deep with the people to who the drugs belong. I really liked his portrayal of a man who realizes that his days are numbered, but he doesn't know any other way.

What really worked best for me in this film, above anything else was the incredible connection that Greg Finley(Jimmy) & Dylan Silver(Emma) have together. Greg Finley has that Ed Burns kind of quality, the boy next door kind of likeness that is not often found anymore in film. He also co-wrote the story and helped produce the film as well.

I have seen a lot of movies like this, but first and foremost if your lead character has a love interest from years past, there has to be chemistry between the actors and they brought it all!

He finds himself in a world of trouble when he is told that he is required to pick up a shipment or things will get nasty for him, without giving too much away.

If you like a good story and a good little thriller, this one is worth fishing for!

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