• Anthony Nadeau

Dream Horse Review--In Theaters August 6, 2021-MK2/MILE END-Clips & Trailer.

In what can easily be the feel-good movie of the year--Dream Horse comes in with all the winnings! From some of the screens, most wonderful performances and lead by the always magnificent Toni Collette(Muriel's Wedding, Little Miss Sunshine, Hereditary) is Jan Vokes a woman who was working two jobs and had a dream.

Everything in the film has the feeling of real life, and so it should, because it is based on a true story.

Here's a little Behind The Scenes of the film:

This dream is not come by just on her own, she has the love and support of her husband Brian Vokes(played by Owen Teale) & some co-workers, and fellow townspeople.

Damian Lewis(Billions-TV, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) is Howard Davies a man who used to race horses but almost lost everything he owned as well as his family, so he has a different career now. In what might be a second chance for Howard is a dream come true for Jan Vokes.

Some sad things happen along the way, but this is all a part of the story--the rich and wonderful story of Dream Alliance and the message of never giving up on your dreams no matter how hard they seem to be, you will be amazed by the results.

Stay as the credits role too, yes I have always stayed for them long before the new trend is to have a bonus scene. I think everyone was wonderfully cast for this film and I can't wait to watch it again!

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