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Enter The Fat Dragon Movie Review--Fun, Fights & The Yakuza Add To Excitement

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I was sent the Blu-Ray copy of the film to review for Taro PR & from Well Go USA Entertainment.

This is a remake of the same-titled film back in 1978 of a Sammo Hung film.

In the film he is supposed to be meeting his fiance for their wedding photos- he is also a police officer. In the building next door, there is a robbery and his instincts as a police officer kick in and he chases one of the robbers, what follows is a very well-orchestrated chase and fight scene.

Near the end of the scene, he loses control of the vehicle and it comes to a slow stop right in front of his commanding officer. After all this happens his fiance leaves him and he is demoted to a desk job in the basement of the police department. Now depressed he is eating a lot of fast food and things from the vending machine that is a new colleague, with all of this happening he gains weight.

Having been trained in the police department he knows how to defend himself, also knows how to fight--and fight he does. This is the Donnie Yen(Ip Man Series) as we know and love and so skilled that he is as a martial artist there is no disappointment here, we even get some comedy.

This is miles above one of his recent films "Big Brother" here he also helps his community and even his ex-fiance when she runs into some issues with her current boyfriend.

Above, we see one of the villains take his partner and the van they are in hostage and speed away on a high-speed pursuit.

His fellow officers taking cover as the heist goes down --they watch as Fallon Zhu(Donnie Yen) start a foot chase and then get into the van and attempts to take them down.

Above is his ex fiances boyfriend with his grandfather who is the leader of The Yakuza and they have control over most of the city, this is the remainder of the film-they keep wanting more control of the city and our hero is there to be a pain in their side.

We are treated to some amazing fight scenes and what would a Donnie Yen film be without them?

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