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Escape From Mogadishu Movie Review-Only In Theaters(Well Go USA)

Going into this movie I was not sure what to expect, I'm not up on politics around the world, or anywhere to be honest. The film intrigued me from the outline of the story. Then to find out it's based on fact, made me sit up and pay attention more.

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Story synopsis:

Rival diplomats from North Korea and South Korea become trapped as civil war rages in Mogadishu, Somalia. With no aid from either government, their only shot at survival requires uniting with bitter adversaries to escape.

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The performances are solid throughout the film and the crowd scenes were unbelievably realistic, I felt it was stock footage from the time in Somalia when the events happened, but no these are fresh from the shoot of the movie. It's great that certain scenes were so authentic and believable, it helps you get enraptured that much more into the movie.

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I really have to give a lot of credit to the filmmaker's everybody involved for the realism that was portrayed in the film from the acting, production, directing, the stunt coordinating, everything was just top-notch.

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I don't think I've seen a better political thriller in the last say five years.

I'm not one for much of that sort of thing but this is definitely a thriller in top gear more intense,more thrilling, more exciting than F9, that's not hard to fathom I'm sure if you like this kind of movies but, it just it spoke a lot of truth even though you know this is somewhat dramatized, not fabricated but dramatized for cinema so there's a bit of an extension of the truth so be it, it works very well for the film and what it's trying to get across.

For me, the ending was a total shock because it was so different than the outcome was so different than what I thought it was going to be now without giving away the ending the common occurrence and realization in the film is things will have to go back to normal when, and if they are to survive if they are able to get out historically speaking though there's not a lot of circumstances where a movie or a TV show is made where the protagonist does not make it out so we can safely say that. But, if you have a chance to see this in the theaters while it's still playing I would recommend it, or when it comes out on Blu-ray DVD and digital which is yet to be announced but I'm sure it'll be in the next coming months probably before Christmas I would imagine the trailer is below.

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