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Foreigner & Angel Vigier Release 2nd Video co-written & performed with Foreigner

Sometimes it takes time to make something special, I not talking about the talent of the young man who is Angel Vigier, but his collaboration with Foreigner. This is apparently something they have been working on together for a few years now.

Below is the press release from Asteria Entertainment.

For immediate release - December 31st, 2020 - Happy New Year!




Angel Vigier is an up and coming solo artist hailing from Elizabeth, New Jersey. Angel was discovered by Jeff Pilson, Bruce Watson, Michael Bluestein (Foreigner) who were instantly blown away with Angels' amazing talent. Jeff, Bruce, and Michael had been looking for a pop artist to work with and as soon as they heard him, their minds were made up....it had to be Angel!

‘Already There’ is the first single from an upcoming album ‘Life’s A Celebration And You’re Already There’which is co-written and performed with Foreigner. It was a long time in the making due to Foreigner's intensive tour schedule but three years on, they’re ready to launch!

Check out Angel’s intro video below

I was first made aware of Angel through a songwriter by the name of Jacob Bunton, who also happens to be a dear friend. Michael, Bruce and I were looking for a voice to sing some pop songs we had written and when we heard Angel, we knew he was the guy. After getting him in the studio and watching his amazing talent at work and getting to know what a genuine good person he is, we knew we really had something. A powerful talent with an amazing back story, truly a "rags to riches" narrative! Angel has the most natural and pure voice I've ever heard or even been around, and I've seen a lot! He can literally sing anything! And the soulfulness he projects is real. He has struggled to get where he is and he's grateful for everything he gets. It's heartwarming and an affirmation that hard work and talent are what really matter. Angel is a force that will be with us for a very long time!” - Jeff Pilson, Foreigner

‘Life’s A Celebration And You’re Already There’ was set for release this summer but was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Infusing the classic Foreigner melodic melodies with soaring vocals that are reminiscent of early Michael Jackson blended with a modern styling similar to Bruno Mars. It boasts catchy hooks, crushing grooves and has a true ‘feel-good’ vibe to it. #angelvigier #foriegner #collabortation #newsingle #newvideo #studioIV #weareisolatedtogether #weareinthistogetheraloneWorking with Jeff, Bruce and Michael has been a dream come true. I feel incredibly fortunate that they chose me to work without of all the vocalists around. I’ve learnt so much about myself along the way and they’ve really pushed me to improve and discover what I can do. I don’t think I could ever thank them enough for their time and help. They’re incredible mentors, wonderful friends, and such talented musicians. I’m really excited to launch the album, it has been a long time coming. Life really is a celebration despite all the negativity in the world, it's great to focus on what we have and remember the times we have shared that we will again. The video was recorded prior to the pandemic but with 2021 just around the corner, we face a new chapter so what better time to release it.” - Angel Vigier


Angel Vigier was born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ with his single mom and nine siblings. Angel always had a love for singing, and by the age of 20 became an award-winning vocalist by coming in first place at the McDonalds Gospel Festival at The Prudential Center, Newark.

Angel, whose voice lives up to his name, began writing and recording originals in late 2013. While working with local writer/producer Ron Hanney, Angel was introduced to award-winning singer/songwriter Jacob Bunton who flew in from Los Angeles to write and record with Angel in 2015.

Soon after, Jacob went back to LA with several of Angel’s tracks and brought him to the attention of a few folks in the music industry and immediately caught the keen ear of the great songwriter Jeff Pilson. Pilson, of Foreigner, is quoted as saying “As a producer, he’s a dream come true.” “as a writer, he’s dream come true.” and “Angel has one of the best voices I’ve worked with, heard, been around, seen.” Before long, a collaborative effort began with Angel and members of Foreigner, and the project is now poised to be released for the summer of 2020.

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