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Fresh Music For The Ears-"Hot Apple Stuff" Warm Acoustic from Mark Vickness & Interconnected.

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I have been working with the great people at Working Brilliantly for a number of years now, in all fairness I have not shared a lot of their artists, I am going to change that.

The following is a great composition done by Mark Vickness and a group of his friends called Interconnected. They will have an album out later in the spring/summer of 2020.

This is my first time hearing Mark and company and I quite enjoy what I hear and look forward to hearing more in the future.

This is the 2nd of Fresh Music For The Ears

Brief Bio:

Mark was raised by an African-American woman from the South who actually had worked in the White House as a pastry chef. Needless to say, she had some real chops in the kitchen. This dish, along with a scoop of Breyers vanilla ice cream, became known as Hot Apple Stuff.

Vickness has earned college and master’s degrees in composition, studied classical piano, guitar, sitar, and tabla, and has been performing for years as a jazz guitarist, composer, and arranger.

Here is the video for Hot Apple Stuff:

Mark is releasing the vid in anticipation of his new solo album, Interconnected, due out August 2020.

Thank you for joining me here and check back tomorrow for more

Fresh Music For The Ears

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