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Fresh Music For The Ears-See Anova Skyway's New Music Video "Diet Of Worms"

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I am starting a new series here on Behind The Scenes, with the movie and music reviews, I am going to be starting Fresh Music To The Ears.

With all that is happening on our planet these days, we all turn to music and many different forms of entertainment. The number of artists that I have sent to me on a regular basis(which may slow down & it has somewhat). I will try to share the many different varieties of music I get also, so it will be hard rock, heavy metal, but at the same time, I often get folk, country, pop, and rap or hip hop.

The first artist to be on this new platform comes from Ebony Jeanette Public Releations.

The band is Anova Skyway.

What follows is the information I was sent from her about the band:

"Diet of Worms" is the first new song released in three years from ANOVA SKWAY and offers a darkly glimpse into their forthcoming EP recorded in collaboration with Louis Abramson (JOLLY). 

Composed of Michael Marksberry, Mike Palacios, Cory Miles, Andrew Alvarez, and Garret West, ANOVA SKYWAY delivers poignant, forward-thinking progressive rock and metal. The Texan quintet swiftly became a scene favorite in Houston upon the 2015 release of their debut album, A Great And Sudden Change followed by 2017’s dazzling conceptual splurge, A Light In The Darkness. Now with their brand new single, “Diet of Worms” released and forthcoming EP on the horizon; ANOVA SKYWAY are poised to scale new and greater heights as the next chapter in their creative story unfolds.

Get your copy of "Diet of Worms" at the digital music retailer of your choice here

ANOVA SKYWAY is: Drums - Michael Marksberry Guitar - Andrew Alvarez Guitar - Mike Palacios Bass - Cory Miles Vocals - Garret West

ANOVA SKYWAY online: https://anovaskyway.bandcamp.com https://www.instagram.com/anovaskyway https://www.facebook.com/pg/anovaskywayband

Here is the music video for the song:

Check back here tomorrow for another Fresh Music For The Ears

Thank you for joining me here, I hope you are well wherever you may be on this planet!

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