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Interview With Juli Zaporozhets Lead Singer & Composer of JULINOZA

I had the pleasure of first hearing some of JULINOZA's music last year and I had requested an interview and we were able to do that by email.

Juli Zaporozhets – Ukrainian composer, multiinstrumentalist, songwriter, sound producer of JULINOZA, laureate of many international compositions, vocal, and piano competitions, non-binary person. JULINOZA is the band, which opens the world of new music, where you can feel cinematic waves, al­ternative jazz spect­rums and trip-hop wi­th the elements of electronics. JULINOZA’s music is innovative, conce­ptual and fulfilled with imaginative mus­ical images. Wide popularity JULI­NOZA got after parti­cipation of Juli Zap­orozhets on the TV show The Voice Of Ukr­aine 2017. Juli capt­ivated the hearts of all coaches and the audience, all around the world with Juli’s originality and uni­que performance styl­e. In 2015 the German label "Stereoflex" re­leased the debut al­bum of JULINOZA "The Conductor of Imagination". It received recognition from cri­tics not only in Ukr­aine and also inc­ludes some soundtrac­ks written by Juli Zaporozhets for films and musicals. Next year JULINOZA released a few LP albums and singles, wrote new musicals. In 2018 JULINOZA became the star of the Eurovision Preselection Show in Ukraine. In 2020 they released the single “Your Name” on Hollywood film company “While Dreams Entertainment“ And now JULINOZA working on their new album which will be released very soon. This album is dedicated to lovely cats and friends of Juli

1.Crazy Shut is the first song of yours that I heard and I love the groove and vocal arrangement was that all composed by you?

Thank you:) Yes, all music is created by me and our band. My profession is a composer and a classical pianist. But I like to play different instruments and of course, all my life is about composing music in different aspects. I'm composing music for movies, cartoons, musicals, etc. One part of me likes to create symphonic/chamber music, mostly in academic way, soundtracks. Other parts of me like to create music for my music band with elements of jazz, experimental rock, alternative pop, trip-hop, and cinematic waves.

2. Who are some of your inspirations? I kind of hear some Kate Bush and Bjork in your music

My inspiration mostly is a French composer from the 19-20th century. My favorite composers from the way of impressionism and expressionism are Poulenc, Ravel, Satie, Debussy, Sen-Sance. And of course, I really love musical masterpieces of Chaikovsky, Stravinsky, and Prokofiev. From the romanticism line in music, I love the music of Chopin. All these composers have their own original style and fantastic melodies with absolutely amazing orchestra decisions. French wave of music from 19-20th centuries is a most inspiring thing for me, cause it can open my mind on 1000 percent. Some soviet composers which I mentioned before also have a magical touch to my ears with their great melodic, which we can not find a lot in contemporary music these days. I think today we usually listen to sound design with a lot of sounds, but I cannot find the melodies and arrangements which can be the genuine art of the world of Music. That's why my inspiration is composers from that century cause I think it's true music with a huge world, not simulacrum. 3.Moryak --what another great vocal arrangement you have composed & the groove again with the guitar work

Moryak - it is a song about a sailor, who tried to find himself but only fishes answered to him. It is a philosophical work with a touch of Odesa Black sea and ideas of finding the right ways in your life. I created this song on one magical night when I was sitting on the shore of the sea. At that time I was thinking that I am this old sailor who is sitting in the silence of the water landscapes and trying to find his own way in this dimension of the world.

4. I have noticed that you don't have the traditional guitar solo--or solos of any kind in your songs.

Maybe, guitar in my music it is like a brush with some colors for making all picture of sounds brighter 5.For your live concert that you have on YouTube in bits, where did you find the other musicians and I see that you had two bass players at different times any reason for the change?

Odessa Night Session is a live album of our band. We recorded it on one night in Odessa. We have two bass players in a band, they are all our friends. Very soon we will have a program with two bassists at the same time and with some electronic sound. Our bassists have different styles of playing so we like to experiment with this. 6.I find your music and vocals quite soothing like a lullaby in some of them like --Where is your sky--very Tori Amos sounding almost

I don't know the music of Tori Amos, I will listen to it very soon:)) My music has some view of lullabies cause most of my inspiration is in my dreams, especially I like to practice lucid dreaming, it is a very very different huge world. And there you can find a lot of ideas for music when you are going into your inner world of dreams. "Where is Your Sky?" - was my first soundtrack for the movie called "Stop!" by Ukrainian director S.Aksenov.

7.Has the lockdown allowed you to concentrate on more music and other things

In lockdown, we released our new-sound single with very special and important themes for us. The translation of it "The Land of Miraculous Dreams". The Ukrainian version is "Kray Dyvnych Mriy". I will tell you about this release lil bit later. The lockdown gave me so much cool and free time for making new music and for learning how to create music only on the computer without any live instruments. I always wanted to make experiments with electronic sound, but it always was hard, because of Lil time and because I'm a classical composer who usually creates music with scores gives scores to live musicians for playing.. But in lockdown, it was a great time being for teaching myself how to work with music programs and not going to recording studios. So I created my first absolutely electronic single on the computer and it was my first experience in this area. The name of song is Kray Dyvnych Mriy. This song is about the protection of animals from violence and also about saving the nature of our planet. Very important track for me. I think musicians should create their works addressing some important problems. And maybe after listening, people will make their lives and our world better with their positive vibes and open minds. You can listen to this single on Spotify and watch our mystical video on youtube on this song. 8.What is your favorite thing to do to relax My fav thing for relaxing it is sleeping time when I'm practicing the lucid dreaming and astral projections. Also, I really love the sea. Walking or swimming in the sea is the best antistress. 9.What types of music do you listen to?

As I mentioned before I really love Classical Music, especially from France. Also, I love jazz music, neo-soul, alternative experimental rock with waves of a lot of genres. One of my fav from contemporary musicians are Mr. Bungle, Son Lux

10.anything else you might like to add?

I Want to add that people should listen to new original music and also it would be nice if they listened to Classical Music also from different centuries. This way of listening would open their fantastic minds and would inspire them on great positive things in this life. Because the music is a cosmopolitan language and the great quality music can do real magic.

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