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Killing Eleanor Movie Review-Available Now(1091 Pictures)

In what I think is one of the better films this year, we have the story of Natalie(Annika Marks-who wrote the screenplay and is one of the producers as well)who is working for her mother at her salon on the condition that she is clean from her addiction to painkillers.

In what I think is a brave performance by Annika Marks here as Natalie, as she is not a likable character, she has some chances to redeem herself with her family and ultimately, herself but chooses to lie about certain things to get what she needs.

(above Annikka Marks as Natalie)

One day when Natalie is working at the salon, an elderly woman Eleanor(Jenny O'Hara)comes into the shop after just walking out of her nursing home and she is quite sick, finds and approaches Natalie and says "It's time & "You owe me!" seeing Eleanor's wristband she agrees that she is here for an appointment and takes her to the back room.

When they sit down it is then that Natalie realizes that Eleanor is not just an old woman who is not well, but rather she has an IOU that was written by Natalie, herself when she was caught stealing from Eleanor when she was younger. She then promises to repay her for whatever she took from her and Eleanor says that she wants her to help her die, she is shocked to hear that is what she wants from her, to which she flat out says no.

There are some really good side characters to even out the story, but really the focus is on Natalie & Eleanor & the bond and friendship that happens over the course of the movie. They are both tested on a few things, Eleanor on her past history with her son and Natalie on her constant lying.

I really found this to be a wonderful reminder of the things we sometimes take for granted and I would recommend the film to anyone who can handle the subject matter. The performances are some of the best I have seen this year!

If you liked 'Night Mother with Sissy Spacek & Anne Bancroft---I cannot recommend this more!

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