• Anthony Nadeau

Lorelei Film Review(Available Now)

What would look like a run of the mill sort of romantic drama, turns into something much more than I would have expected in terms of the story regarding the story on Wayland(Pablo Schreiber)--knowing that too often these kinds of films often have them back to their old lifestyle in no time at all, instead we get something out of the ordinary, and something fresh and made me smile to see it not fitting the tried and true cookie-cutter image of what these kinds of films are like.

Wayland has just been released from jail, we are uncertain what he has done to get himself there, but he is greeted by a group of bikers, they go to celebrate and the next day he is dropped off at his halfway house, which is run by the local pastor of the small town.

Where he is staying they also have group sessions for single mothers and walking by one the open doors, he looks in and sees Dolores(Jena Malone)they instantly catch each others eys and put their hands to their hearts. There is an amazing chemistry between the teo actors-instantly, we are caught uo in their world and what happened in the past & now. Dolores has three children all named after three different shades of blue.

The two make an agreement and Wayland moves in and instantly finds himself being a father figure to the children who Dolores tells him in one scene, that they should be his. Reminding us that there is a long history of love between the two of them. We even are shown some short flashback scenes of the two when they were much younger.

Some notes about the production from the Director:

Both leads also acted as mentors to our three first-timers. Jena, a former child actor herself, cooked a family meal for the kids before production began. And, in the scene in which Denim spits at Dolores, she worked with Parker Pascoe-Sheppard (who plays Denim) so that they’d feel comfortable accessing those difficult emotions. Similarly, Pablo really helped Chancellor Perry (who plays Dodger) get to where he needed for the climactic punch scene near the end of the movie.--Sabrina Doyle(Director)

There are some really nice and tender moments between the lead actors and some good realsim with the children in the film as well, considering this is their first roles for each of them-they all did quite well.

This is one of those movies that doesn't finish with a bow on the end of it, or even for that matter really finish. I think it would be a false way to leave the film any other way, it ends as it needs too, because their lives are essentially just getting started. Check it out for yourself to see what you think.

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