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MEDIEVAL DEMON reveal 1st track from new HELLS HEADBANGERS album - features founding ROTTING CHRIST

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I received the press release for Medieval Demon from Hell's Headbangers today.

Today, ancient Greek black metal cult Medieval Demon reveals the new track "Meet Her Majesty."

The track is the first to be revealed from the band's highly anticipated third album, Arcadian Witchcraft, which will be released this November by Hells Headbangers on CD and vinyl LP formats. Hear Medieval Demon's "Meet Her Majesty" in its entirety HERE

It was but 2018 when Medieval Demon rose from the crypt of time eternal to release their comeback album, Medieval Necromancy, though longtime fans Hells Headbangers. The alliance was fortuitous, as Hells Headbangers have helped foster a new crop of ancient-style Greek black metal with the likes of Funeral Storm and Synteleia as well as join together two of Hellenic black metal's most influential bands, Rotting Christ and Varathron, for a special split 7" just last year. And, as Medieval Demon began stirring in that crypt, Hells Headbangers was the label they sought - and on evidence of Medieval Necromancy, indeed was the past alive!

Medieval Demon were formed in Greece in 1993 by brothers Lord Apollyon and Sirokous. Necrochrist and Muerte joined the band and entered the glorious Storm Studio to record their first demo tape, Night of The Infernal Lords. After releasing some more demos, they recorded their debut album, Demonolatria, in 1995 and released it on Unisound in 1998.

Following that lost classic, Medieval Demon ceased activity, but in 2018 did they rise from the time and dust of the mystical '90s to unleash spells, prayers, and glorify the gods of the underworld and mighty Lucifer, the ruler of the Earth. Medieval Necromancy was the full-length spell they conjured, and truly did it sound like those '90s never ended. Nor will they ever end with the imminent release of Arcadian Witchcraft.

Truly, Medieval Demon's third album is a wellspring of noble '90s spirits, not just in their native Hellenic scene but further afield: from old Samael to equally old Master's Hammer, from Necromantia's pioneering early work to the cult Italian prog band Jacula from the early '70s, most especially with their haunting church organ. Upon its first dramatic notes, Arcadian Witchcraft is immediately, excitingly Medieval Demon, and pulses further into the velvety abyss with each of these seven spells. The poise, nuance, and sheer craft of their songwriting here reaches a masterful level and one that's authentically ancient in its splendor - which is perhaps not surprising given that their lineup now includes one Mutilator, original bassist of Rotting Christ. Here, he brings along a number of ideas he hadn't used during the '90s and likewise does Lord Apollyon unearth a number of old unreleased songs from those days. Which brings everything full circle, as Mutilator helped record Medieval Demon's first demo at Storm Studio...

Creepier and more glorious, more proudly heavy metal whilst taking the listener deeper into the black, Arcadian Witchcraft is an impossibly essential album from an old band who sound more vital than ever. Long may Medieval Demon reign!

A release date in November is expected but will be confirmed shortly. Preorder info to also follow. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

The tracklisting for Medieval Demon's Arcadian Witchcraft

1. Meet Her Majesty, The Black Queen [5:05]

2. Mystics of Ritual Madness [5:20]

3. Mundus Est Diaboli [6:12]

4. The Grand Archon [5:16]

5. Nocturnal Gates Through the Night [5:49]

6. Seeking Blood in the Blackness [5:05]

7. Arcadian Witchcraft [5:01]

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