• Anthony Nadeau

Peninsula Movie Review--Story Over Gore-Now In Theaters(Well go USA)

For me, even though I love horror movies I have never been a big fan of the zombie film. I will watch them but they are not my first choice for the genre. Train To Busan was one that really had a different approach to the zombie film, even though it was similar to that of George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead, where it took place inside of a shopping mall.

We pick up where the first film left off, people are escaping the infected areas and we are on the boat with the survivors, one of the passengers is infected and it starts all over again.

Cut to now-a a few years later and the story is totally different. There is a bag with a lot of money and our lead and the new characters in the story are asked to bring the bag back and they will be richer than their wildest dreams.

In a world in a cross between Mad Max & Escape From New York(some of the creatures and the story reminded me of it). We have different groups throughout the city I welcomed this new and different way to tell the sequel. It took more time to introduce us to the characters, great characters always bring more empathy from the audience if it's done right.

We are introduced to a family that has a mother, two daughters, and their grandfather. Make no mistake this film is not intended for children. Even though this is a zombie movie the killing is little as far as the bloodshed, a lot of it is done as a silhouette or quite often is done offscreen.

The movie intensifies when one of the members of the group is caught and put in a cage with others and they have to run for their lives in a cage that is locked and a door opens and out come the zombies to feast, they have to run to save themselves or perish.

For me, this and the previous film above everything else really showed compassion for others in a time of great evil and doom all around them, they were still able to lend a helping hand. More than once our lead lends a helping hand to his comrades and takes a big risk near the end of the film.

If you liked "Train To Busan" please remember that train has already left the station and prepare for a lot more story than gore in this one, which I certainly appreciated.

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