• Anthony Nadeau

Possessor-- A New Vision From Brandon Cronenberg(Elevation Pictures) Available Now

Much like his father David Cronenberg, Brandon has a vision and this one will stick with this reviewer for some time now. In a future world where there are hired hitmen to take out others in the very elite world, the difference here is a bigger world of virtual reality, brain-altering, and other bizarre and yet cool things that are happening.

People are trained in a number of skills and have brain implant technology to have their bodies inhabited by someone else. This is never a good thing in the world of science fiction.

They are then at a later point rigged up into the virtual reality world to only be pulling off the hits of these people that others have paid top dollar to be killed. Once this gets going it is a real cat and mouse game and I should say that you need to pay attention to this film as it is one that you can easily get confused if you don't focus fully on it.

Tasya Vos(Andrea Riseborough, above) is the lead agent in the secretive organization that is really looking for a bigger payoff and this is why they have Colin Tate(Christopher Abbott) on board with them, they want him to take out the CEO of a powerful company and yet things do not go as according to plan as they had once hoped.

Colin has a stronger mind and almost like a cross between Tron & Invasion of the Body Snatchers, he is fighting to get out of this world and back to reality. The difference-maker is this is not a game, but a very serious matter of life or death.

This is a really well-executed film from start to finish. I don't want to give away too much but the script and the casting are very good I will certainly be looking forward to his next film and watch his previous work that I have not yet watched.

Sean Bean is in the film as well as Jennifer Jason Leigh, two of my favorite actors so it was great to see both of them in this film and doing a great job as usual.

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