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Powder Keg Movie Review-- Powerful Storytelling-Available Now(Route 504 PR)

Krudttønden(Powder Keg) In Danish with English Subtitles

{Director Ole Christian Madsen and

screenwriter Lars Kristian Andersen were both personal acquaintances of Finn Nørgaard who was one of the victims of the tragedy. The three of them worked together on Kun for forrykte: Eik Skaløe og Steppeulvene (1988).}(source IMDB)

This movie is based on actual events that happened in Copenhagen in 2015, just 4 weeks prior to this event there was an attack on the Paris office of the paper Charlie Hebedo where they had a comic satire look at the profit Muhammad who's very revered in Islamic history, unfortunately, tragically 12 people were killed and more were injured in those attacks.

This story follows five separate individuals one is a filmmaker, the other is a watchman another, a SWAT officer, and the other one is our terrorist of the story.

There is a small reference made to the offending cartoon what we have is we have the story of the events that happened this tragic day.

They don't put anybody on a pedestal or sensationalize the tragedy, it's almost documentary-style filmmaking like very guerilla filmmaking style there's no right or wrong they're just telling a story and capturing the viewer's attention from practically the first frame to the last frame at least I found myself doing such.

I have had problems following movies of late where they're just basically focusing the story on just one person as the story is not done well, while this is being focused on four people and those four people's lives the day-to-day lives of these four people & others in their lives-of course but make it interesting for the viewer.

They shoot it in such a way that I don't feel like any frame was wasted, like I said it's very documentary-style filmmaking it's clearly one of the best films I've seen this year I don't know that I'll see something more tense edge of your seat kind of drama.

This is a Danish film with subtitles I hope that doesn't turn a lot of you off this is really quite captivating, just the way the story is told.

The picture from the scene in which this is taken is when our filmmaker and his girlfriend have some guests over for dinner, during this scene some views are exchanged on the freedom of expression and essentially what the events leading to the event in which this film is based is what was happening the day the tragedy occurred. He is quite often shut down on his views and I even felt a little agitated for him in this particular scene, this is how good the film is done.

I don't think I've seen a stronger film this year course the year's not over and the fall is when we get some of the better titles so we'll see but so far this is October 15th, 2021 and I've seen a lot of movies this year. The performances are top-notch from everybody I don't feel like there's a misplaced actor or actress in this movie

The directing & the style some of the scenes were shot kind of reminds me of the style of when Oliver Stone made JFK there's a lot of different elements here at work that give it that rough approach you feel like you're there while this is happening, and it's happening right in front of your face and there's nothing you can do about it. This is a moment in time that actually happened and it's an unfortunate and tragic incident that nobody, of course, wants to happen but unfortunately, some things trigger some other people and lead them to do some pretty horrific things to others. That being said I hope this wins some awards because it's quite deserving of anything it gets in my book.

The filmmakers treat the audience with enough intelligence that the audience would know what took place. I, however, didn't know much about the event so I have spent some time watching YouTube videos about the event so I'm better aware of what took place.

It is pretty horrific and from what I can see from what the footage shows on what they have on YouTube from some of the BBC & Sky News the movie looks to be very factual to the actual events. So I applaud the filmmakers and everybody involved for being consistent with it.

I will be looking for this when it comes out on DVD or Blu-ray maybe before Christmas it'll be out I'm not certain but I will be adding this to my collection.

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