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Prisoners Of The Ghostland Movie Review Starring Nicolas Cage(Available Now)

In what has not happened in a long time, I have actually enjoyed a movie starring Nicolas Cage, I'm not knocking the guy-he's been in a lot of movies in his career and a lot in the past few years, good for him, he's keeping busy. I am not sure why this movie appealed to me so much--maybe it was the similarity to Escape from New York, Mad Max & a few other things that happen through the movie, some real campy, fun stuff.

When Nicolas Cage, known simply as Hero, and his accomplice are jailed for robbing a bank, he is released only on the terms that he rescue the Governers' granddaughter(Sofia Boutella-(The Mummy).

Bill Moseley plays the Governor, in only the way that Mr. Moseley can, very few are better at being the villain than he is these days, especially after the Rob Zombie trilogy of films!

Of course, he has a set of rules for our hero, he has a jumpsuit for him to wear that is ready to detonate in certain areas of the suit-for different reasons, which brings me to the connection with Escape from New York. One on the neck one on each of the arms and(yes) two on his testicles.

The suit will self-destruct if she is not returned in the time alotted.

I mean when Nicolas Cage says "This is the wildest movie I've ever made"--he's probably not exaggerating at all, he's made some pretty campy movies of late, but this one is pretty wild and out there.

When he does find Bernice(Sofia Bouletta), she is made to look like a mannequin, yeah don't ask because I don't know why exactly but that's what makes the movie interesting and intriguing as not everything is explained, or laid out perfectly because sometimes things happen.

When the outer layer is removed and she is allowed to be herself again, things really start to take shape in the movie and where it really becomes the wild ride I have heard it is.

Some really great fight scenes happen near the end and the man on the right plays Yasujiro(Tak Sakaguchi) is phenomenal in his swordplay.

If you like campy movies with a lot of action and adventure don't look any further than

Prisoners of the Ghostland.

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