• Anthony Nadeau

RAMS-Movie Review: Grumpy Old Men From Down Under(Available Now)

In what can be best described as a drama/comedy film about two brothers who have not spoken with each other in a matter of decades, even though they are next-door neighbors very much like Grumpy Old Men with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. The difference-maker here is that the film focuses on their rivalry of raising the best Ram-hence the title.

There is no CGI here like Sam Neil, who plays Colin is used to with the Jurrasic Park movies he has been in.

He is always a delight to watch on film, it all seems so effortless for him. Michael Caton(Les) is equally as good(or miserable in this role). Sadly we don't get to see the two of them in the same frame of the film until later, when they do there is such conviction in their performances and also what is not said. The brave thing the filmmakers allowed were scenes where they just look at each other--their eyes and their body language say it all, the greatness of pure actors.

Miranda Richardson(Kat) is equally as good as the local veterinarian and is very compassionate when a bacteria wreaks havoc on the community and she does her best to support the community and her friends that she has acquired over her time there.

They are all trying to keep their properties even though the community has to put all of their livestock down and then due to demands they are not allowed to own anymore for two years after to make sure it is not coming back.

This might look like a family film but they do have to put the animals down, which was a rough scene to watch and one scene of violence with a gun. If you enjoy a good drama/comedy then I would suggest this one if I may.

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