• Anthony Nadeau

Recon Movie Review-- A True Story of Hope & Courage In A Time Of War

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

A group of soldiers is walking down a road in Italy and they are ambushed by a German soldier a shoot out happens and there is an act of war by the person in command that stuns and alarms the other soldiers. A flashback occurs and we have walked through the scenario again but in real-time. We continue to follow the soldiers as they encounter tense situations. What transpired earlier is bothersome to a number of the soldiers.

This was shot here in BC, Canada and the cinematography really shows the beauty of this province.

We have a lot of the tensions here that we have with a lot of these military movies --regular egos and the soldiers who have something to prove to another there is always one who thinks that they should be in charge instead of the one who is currently in charge.

What can be fine one minute is a disaster the next --when they find a fallen German soldier they hang around the site for a while and then when they hear what they think are tanks they start to head onwards.

They come across a small village that has been invaded by the German troops that are in their tanks and have some of the townspeople lined up for what seems like an execution.

This has some very harrowing scenes throughout the film and I was captivated by the film.

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