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Reunion- A Meeting Of The Past & Present Starring Julia Ormond Available Feb 5, 2021(Dark Sky Films)

Every home has a history & every home has a family that has lived there over time. Some memories are good and others not so good, we have a broken relationship and some past history as we meet our characters.

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Ellie(Emma Draper-left) comes to the home after leaving her abusive husband to find her mother Ivy(Julia Ormond-right) there to get things finalized, being the executor of the will Ivy needs to be there, her elderly & disabled father is also there

In the past, a terrible family tragedy happens in the house, and through some flashbacks that Ellie is having, we can see how this changed the dynamics of the family.

This past is something that haunts Ellie, her apparent violent mood swings as we find out about 30 mins into the film brings a different mood to the film.

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If you don't jump easily(like I don't) I would recommend that you wear headphones or if you have a good surround sound make sure it's up a little bit more. This is quite a quiet film in a lot of places and somewhat slow-moving as well. Not that this is a bad thing, for me it's just character building but there are a great number of scenes with no dialogue. So if you like in your face horror this film is probably not for you.

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The mother/daughter relationship and the strong performances from Emma Draper & Julia Ormond are what is really the key element to the film. They are the lead characters in the film and without the great acting from both of them, this film just would not work. I would put it up there with Anne Bancroft & Sissy Spacek in 'Night Mother' performance-wise.

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For me, the ending came out of left field in a blend of body horror and the overall impact of family drama and traumatic events and the damage it not only does to one person but the overall relationship between family and the possible future history between them.

Highly recommend this film if this is what you are looking for, not a lot of shock or anything just a good slow-burn horror film. If you liked 'The Witch' or other films like that I don't think this will disappoint.

Photo credit: Rebecca McMillan Photography

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