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Saints Of Death -Ascend To The Throne Music Review-(Available Now)--Asher Media Relations

The double bass power of the Vancouver band "Saints Of Death" does not disappoint, having seeing these guys twice live in concert--first at The Rickshaw Theater in Vancouver and then at The Wolf Bar in Maple Ridge, they put on energetic shows.

Phil Henri & Stoney Gingras are no longer with the band as they were for both of the shows I was present for,& also on the band's initial release.

Photo Credit: Kevin Eisenlord Photography

L-R – Juan Helluva – 5 String Bass/Backup Vocals, Ashley Blue – 6 String Guitar/Backup Vocals,

Twan Holliday – Vocals/8 String Bass, Christopher James – Drums

Similar to that of their previous release this leaves you wanting more, meaning that there isn't enough music to satisfy my ears wanting more music from this band.

I was a big fan of the first album and I enjoy this one just as much, I have heard it a number because it only has 7 songs on the album but here is a word from the band in regards to the delay to the later than expected release:

The band comments:

"This album has been a long time coming, and we look forward to getting it into the ears of our fans, new and old alike. After dealing with line up issues for a few years, we finally have a solid line up and are back to kicking ass. The current line up has been together since 2018 and we have really gelled as friends and as band members. Naturally, with this kind of chemistry going on, it was finally time to record a new album.

Like the first EP, there is diversity between each song, allowing each of them to stand out as hard-hitting singles. There is also the consistency that allows the songs to come together as a great album. We talk about important topics such as the trials of society, corruption and corporate greed, mental health as well as a few other topics on this album. Saints put a lot of hard work and passion crafting this album and making it what it is and we're excited to share it with the world!"

Tight playing and solid tempos with the double bass really kicks things into high gear as well.

Repentance(video above) is easily my favorite song of theirs from both albums.

This gives you some insight into the music of Saints Of Death help support your local scene of music because the bands can't get out and tour right now-we can still buy merch and CDs and such to support the bands.


As I mentioned before I enjoy this band and I look forward to more from them and I look forward to seeing them live again one day soon when live concerts are allowed to happen again.

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