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SGL Entertainment Starts a Revolution by Distributing Movies on USB Flash Drives

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

So Jeffrey A. Swanson is not a name that many of you might have heard of but he is inventive and has is the CEO of SGL Entertainment. This is a company that has movies streaming on many platforms across the globe.

He also has a record label with many different artists as well.

But you are here to read about his new revolution of movies on a USB.

He has now made it possible to buy movies through his website on USB's

When it gets to his movies and this decision let me hand you over to the press release I got just a few minutes ago:

For many years, there has been talk about selling movies on USB Flash Drives, but at the time the media was just too expensive. Now that the prices have come down SGL Entertainment has decided to Begin the Official Revolution.

Why USB ??? Well, It’s Quite Simple… Plug it in and Play!!! “It’s just that easy, and Today That’s what People want” quotes Jeffrey A. Swanson President of SGL Entertainment. And, With the new Smart TV’s the Technology is already built-in, once you plug in your USB Movie it comes up on the screen and you just have to hit the play button… That’s even easier than playing a Blu-ray or a DVD and the Quality is Digitally Perfect… plus there are no moving parts, no scratches or skipping! And, you can keep your whole collection of movies in a tin box or a drawer right there on your media console. Also, you can easily transfer your movies to your media cloud storage and watch them on your tablet or smartphone. The Future looks bright for Movies on USB and Now is the Time to Begin the Revolution…

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