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Shelter Wraps Filming--Alex T. Hwang’s Newest Movie Completes Principal Photography

Shelter is about the survival of Karen who lost her husband during the apocalypse and fights off

intruders, among other things to survive.

Shelter stars Scream Queen Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare, The Tombs, A Bad Place) alongside Indie Star Thomas Haley (Fear the Walking Dead, Breakdown, Blind) and Michael Murphy

(Bearry, Lilith). It is the latest film from Director Alex T. Hwang from a script he co-wrote with

his wife and producing partner Kathleen Hwang. The duo’s last film, Paranormal Attraction

(starring Brooklyn Haley and Nicole Cinaglia), was just released worldwide via Indie Rights.

You can purchase it here: https://amzn.to/3kH7QMC .

The Director, Alex T. Hwang, gave this statement about his experience while filming:

“The best thing about shooting Shelter was that there were no divas, everyone helped, actors

moved lights, they helped with clapper when needed, they went to pick up food when it was

necessary, all worked on props and wardrobe, and the producer did sound recording. The shoot

went smoothly without and any conflicts. I loved shooting Shelter with a minimum amount of

people, it takes me back to high school, when I was making movies on a super 8 camera with

friends. Those were the best times and Shelter brought back those feelings and wonderful


Producer Kathleen Hwang worked closely with the cast and crew to observe Covid 19

regulations for filming, this is what she had to say about the experience:

“Producing a movie during the Coronavirus pandemic, introduces a whole new set of obstacles

to meet head-on. Keeping cast and crew safe on set was of the utmost importance. We were

fortunate to have a script that lent itself to mask wearing other opportunities to keep both the cast

and crew safe. Having a very small cast was also beneficial. Director Alex Hwang and I were

able to fill many roles off camera in an attempt to keep the crew small and safe. Finally, casting

was important so that we could get through scenes efficiently.”

The production team were kind enough to pass along some unreleased stills from the set of

Shelter. More information about the project can be found on their IMDB page:


When asked about the completion of principal photography, Thomas Haley had this to say:

“When Alex first sent me the script I thought this character could be a lot of fun. However, as I

continued to develop “Mac”, whom I describe as a selfish thief that reveals he is actually a badass that wants to save the girl he started out terrorizing. It was incredibly exciting and fulfilling

bringing this character to life.”


Directed by: Alex T. Hwang

Produced by: Kathleen Hwang

Written by: Alex T. Hwang, Kathleen Hwang

Starring: Jessica Cameron, Thomas Haley, Michael Jon Murphy

Synopsis: In the not so distant future, a married couple must work together to survive an

outside force that threatens the existence of all humanity. When an Intruder arrives, hope for a

future may be found in the most unlikely place.

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