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Small Time Movie Review --Whistler Film Festival

This tale of a young woman who finds that she can only rely on herself to get through some trying and difficult times is one of the best films of the year I have seen and most this past weekend won the AWFJ EDA Best Female-Directed Narrative Feature Award is SMALL TIME directed by Niav Conty at the Whistler Film Festival.

Her choice to cast Audrey Grace Marchall was hers and hers alone, I found out with the Director who was kind enough to talk to me a little while ago. This is such a great little story about a young girl who is growing up in America during the opioid crisis and "the war on terror". Through her eyes, we see the world around her and the impact that the people have on her with their choices and their addictions.

She is shown to us in various parts of her life as the filmmakers had Audrey Grace Marshall(Emma) grow for three years as the film progresses kind of what they did with "Boyhood", which was filmed over 12 years. This however is a focus on Emma and her survival in this world that is not too concerned for her well-being.

This movie has enough scenes where she is just that, a child-lost in her own world and thoughts-that is always a great storyteller in the writing of Niav, as often in these type of stories the child is often forgotten or altered somewhat to have the other characters become more of the focus of the plot.

Instead, they are just other people who happen to come into her life for a brief period of time or somewhat longer for some of them.

Regardless of what they may be going through, their lifestyle does not harm or jeopardize her life.

I think this is a great little film and I congratulate everyone involved in the film and all the hard work they put into it all. The awards that the film has received thus far and any future awards are well deserved in my opinion.

I had the pleasure to speak with the Writer/Director of the movie Niav Conty during an audio interview and here it is below.

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