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Sony's Pure Flix Acquires Dolphin Island

[Los Angeles, CA] Pure Flix, Sony Pictures’ faith and family entertainment streaming service acquired the SVOD rights for DOLPHIN ISLAND, which will be available on the platform starting September 1

Dolphin Island is approved for all ages by The Dove Foundation, which called the film “a heartwarming tale of love and accountability.”

Directed by Mike Disa (SPACE DOGS, HOODWINKED TOO!) and Produced by Shaked Berenson (SPACE DOGS, A TIGER’S TALE), and Written by Disa, Berenson, and Rolfe Kanefsky (PUPPY SWAP: LOVE UNLEASHED), DOLPHIN ISLAND is a family-focused movie sharing the story of a girl, her dolphin, and the power of family.

Disa shares, “We set out to make a heartwarming movie that shares about the power of family and community. We couldn’t have expected the timing that, shortly after filming, our world would be shut down to traveling.”

Berenson adds, “We hope the film helps families escape to a beautiful island paradise, that it can inspire girls to seek out careers in science, and it can help us consider the power of family-in whatever form we may find it.”

DOLPHIN ISLAND invites us to experience an island paradise, where teenager Annabel lives with her fisherman grandfather. She is surrounded by an extended family of loving but quirky neighbors and her best friend, a dolphin named Mitzy. Everything changes when her maternal grandparents arrive with a shifty lawyer to bring her back to New York. It’s up to Annabel and her friends to figure out how to save the day and prove that love conquers all!

DOLPHIN ISLAND stars Peter Woodward (THE PATRIOT),

Dionne Lea (NO BAD DAYS), Tyler Jade Nixon (DOLPHIN KICK),

Bob Bledsoe (Parks & Recreation), David Raizor (YOU CAN’T TAKE MY DAUGHTER),

and introducing Annette Duncan and Aaron Borrow.

The film was created by Mr. Puppy Presents, the family and animation label of Shaked Berenson’s film finance and distribution company, Entertainment Squad.

Dolphin Island is also available for purchase on DVD on the official website: https://dolphinislandmovie.com/dvd/

A portion of the profits goes to the local cast and crew in The Bahamas, where the movie was produced after the country was devastated by hurricane Dorian.

About Entertainment Squad:

Founded by industry veteran Shaked Berenson and backed by Be Capital Group, Entertainment Squad provides content financing and distribution to several in-house and third party labels including Mr. Puppy Presents, Geflite Films, Eclectik Vision, The Horror Collective and Wood Entertainment.

Pure Flix is the leading faith and family-friendly streaming video-on-demand service. With thousands of God-honoring and inspiring movies and shows, you can Have Faith In Your Entertainment again.

Pure Flix was founded in 2005 by Michael Scott, David A.R. White, and Russell Wolfe. The company initially started as a film studio behind breakout theatrical hits like God’s Not Dead, The Case for Christ, and Do You Believe? and launched its streaming platform in 2014. In late 2020, Pure Flix the streaming service became part of AFFIRM Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment, with a mission to stream God-honoring stories to a new generation through inspiring and faith-affirming TV shows, movies and original series.

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