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South of Eden-The Talk EP Review (Available Now)-TAG Publicity

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

TAG Publicity has brought out some great bands of the past few years, I have been introduced to a great number of bands through their PR company, this band is no exception.

First heard/saw them with their first video for "Dancing With Fire"--looking and emanating the sound(s) of a band from the late 70's early 80's. Have a look for yourself below.

They give off the same feeling of The Black Crowes for me--the energy of the music and the overall feel of the video brings me a reminder of that band. I think this shows the versatility of the band and with a hope of what is to come, from the first song above to their ballad "Morning Brew" where they really slow things down to a bluesy--almost jazzy little number. Has a nice sound throughout the song. Ehab is one of those vocalists who really pushes the song(s) through with his vocal styling from what you might hear from Robert Plant to squeals like David Lee Roth, just a comparison to some of the sounds he makes in the song.

Band Members

Ehab Omran: Vocals

Justin Young: Lead Guitar

Tommy McCullough: Drums

Nick Frantianne: Bass


Columbus, Ohio

South of Eden (formerly Black Coffee) are Ehab Omran [lead vocals, acoustic guitar], Justin Young [lead guitar, vocals], Tom McCullough [drums], and Nick Frantianne [bass]. The Columbus, OH quartet have already performed alongside everyone from the Foo Fighters to System of a Down, and invite you to join them on their journey of looking at rock ‘n’ roll through a modern lens.

“We want to open up the doors for rock in the modern era,” exclaims Ehab. “We want to sound the way we hear rock in our heads—vintage with a sprinkle of today. We try to give listeners the feeling of discovering the genre for the first time. We think now is the moment to be a rock band

Below is my favorite song from the EP--"The Talk" the first track from it.

“We’re a band that writes, records, and plays like the pioneers of rock before us. We aren’t looking to bring anything back, but instead to remind people what rock n roll means. No rules. This music represents what we believe is real, raw music. No click tracks and triggers or copy and paste bullshit. Just a bunch of hippies in a room.”

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