• Anthony Nadeau

Survive The Game-Movie Review-Chad Michael Murray, Bruce Willis(Lionsgate)

So the very start of the movie we have Cal(Swen Temmel) and David(Bruce Willis) and they are there doing surveillance on a warehouse on some suspected drug dealers.

They enter the building and a shootout ensues and David is shot in the stomach by Frank(Micheal Sirow). Cal gets away but he is followed by two of the gang. They are led to an out-of-town residence that is owned by Eric(Chad Micheal Murray), the rest of the team is dispatched when they have trouble locating Eric and Cal.

The strongest part of the movie is what James Cullen Bressak has always been good at is creating tension between the characters, he has been directing movies for a very good number of years now and I've seen just about everything he's done and I'm quite proud of his work here.

Cal does some good kind of mercenary work because he is trying to keep his location hidden so he takes out certain members of the bad guys by a sneak attack and either breaking their neck or suffocating them etc from behind so he cannot be found, quite effective maneuvers because it keeps them guessing where he is.

The only scene that doesn't really work(for me) is the extended car chase, really kind of took away from the whole excitement of the film but once that's over it gets back to its good action style. If you're a fan of action movies(like I am) I don't think this will disappoint, like I said there's a lot to be said for tension being built between the characters, and that comes from some good writing and good directing. James has directed some really tense scenes like in his movie Hate Crime definitely one of the more tense movies I remember seeing of his. In the first half of the film, we're thinking that Bruce Willis is already dead but he surprisingly shows up again.

Michael Sirow who plays Frank really works as a great second hand, I just didn't think the overall crime boss was that convincing he just didn't do it for me, other than that I quite enjoyed the movie.

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