• Anthony Nadeau

Tazmanian Devil -Movie Review -1091 Pictures Available February 9, 2021

Story synopsis:

After moving to the United States, Nigerian immigrant Dayo (Abraham Attah) struggles to find a balance between his desire to join a college fraternity and bonding with his estranged father who is a strict pastor at a local church.

Dayo(Abraham Attah-above) watches the fraternity party on the campus that he is attending after being accepted into the college on the 4.0 average that he has gained on his own. He is having a mix of loyalty to his father & the desire to be part of something bigger than himself.

When Dayo and his mother were waiting for his father in Nigeria, he only visited them twice in 10 years stating that his devotion to God and his church was his reasoning for being away.

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine plays Julien, Dayo's father and pastor where he commands the screen--everything and everyone almost seems to vanish in his presence, he has that much power in his skills. This man is a powerhouse, I can see why there were limited other actors in the room with him at one time. Not taking anything away from any of the other actors in this film, as they are all equally as good here.

When I first started watching this film I was uncertain what to expect, I automatically thought that this would be another frat party movie, lots of beers, drugs, and sex. This pleasantly has none or very little, whereas most times it is just suggested. I found that this is just a young man looking for a place to belong and fit in, something we all long for when adjusting to a new place. Dayo is played very convincingly by Abraham Attah

His father has made him join the local church choir group, as a pianist, often the times in which Church is happening so are the events with the fraternity. This causes tension for Dayo as he feels he needs to express himself and church is not that outlet for him.

There are of course the standard hazing practices that are brought upon Dayo and his friends that have also come on board to hopefully join the fraternity. Unlike other fraternity films I have seen in the past this one really at the heart of it has an empowering message at the end of it.

Because of his desire to join with TAZ(fraternity's name)his father threatens to send him back to Nigeria on the next plane out.

Dayo tells his frat brothers and one of their mentors tells him that he need not worry about what they or his father want(s) for him, in the end, he has to make that choice for himself.

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