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Temple Music Academy --Now Offer Online Lessons "All Ages Welcome" DJ Temple

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I first met DJ through some mutual friends in other bands and only online, but we would soon meet and I saw him playing guitar for his band "Without Mercy" they are a death/groove metal, metalcore band hailing from the Vancouver/Abbotsford BC, Canada.

Now let's focus on why we are here and hopefully the reason that you are reading this that you are interested in learning to sing, play guitar, drums, the violin or the piano? Well, the group at Temple Music Academy can help you with that and it doesn't matter what part of the world you live in--

however, the lessons are done in Pacific Standard Time, not a problem?

Great!, then here is some other good news DJ told me a few minutes ago that for the month of April 2020 they are waiving the $100.00 registration fee for new students, so there you have it.

If you need some more convincing about the school here is DJ and some of his teachers at the academy and also some of their students speaking about the great teaching they have had.

Now here we go, below is the link for the Temple Music Academy and let me know if you have interests in becoming a student of theirs. Feedback is always welcome.


Thank you for joining me here and best of luck with your lessons!

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