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The Dancing Dogs Of Dombrova Movie Review (Film Movement)

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

In one of my personal favorite Canadian films in the past few years, it tells the story of siblings Sarah(Katherine Fogler) & Aaron(Douglas Nyback) who have grown apart over the years but have made a commitment for their dying Grandmothers' wish to retrieve the bones of her beloved dog Peter, & bring them home to her.

They arrive in the Polish town of Dombrova and embark on a quest to find the bones of Peter.

Through the course of the film, they bicker and argue about just everything you can think of and yet there is a quirkiness to the film and some real charm in the film and the characters as well.

My favorite character is played by Dorofeti Anis(middle, right) who is just given the name of diver.

She and her son help the siblings through pretty much for the remainder of the film and some unexpected scenarios unfold with them and well, with coffee-you will have to watch the film to get the pun.

The scenery is very beautiful and the directing and acting is solid and has a real sense of community in the town they are in even if they are all actors, they have made it believable with their acting talents, and everyone involved in the film as well.

But don't take my word for it, you can rent it below and see for yourself.

Like it or not you will be supporting Canadian film and they need that support.

You can rent the film for only $3.99! or even check out more content on the website as well

Become a member and enjoy the viewing.

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