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The Full List of Winners for the 2020 CAFTCAD Awards held on Sunday, March 1, 2020 Aga Khan Museum

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

The CAFTCAD Awards were handed out earlier this evening, what are these awards about?

Have a look below.

(Please note: the images are large so you can get a better look at the costumes, etc)

Press Release:


For over a decade, the Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume Arts and Design (CAFTCAD) has brought together Canadian costume professionals from all corners of the industry, regardless of union affiliation. The founders of this Alliance understood that Canadian costumers would be stronger together than individually. The CAFTCAD Awards, which held its inaugural event in 2019, was the culmination of these efforts to bring the costuming community together, recognize and reward talent, and usher CAFTCAD onto the world stage.

Toronto. March 1, 2020. CAFTCAD is proud to announce the winners of the 2020 CAFTCAD Awards in Toronto.

Excellence in Crafts- Illustration

WINNER: Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events,

Season Three

Illustrator: Keith Lau

Excellence in Crafts- Textiles

WINNER: See, Season One

Key Breakdown Artist: Lanny Campbell, Key Assistant Breakdown Artists: Ellie Schultz, Samantha Stroman, Breakdown Artists: Carolyn Bentley, Ciara Brady, & Gaye (GG) Gardiner

Excellence in Building, Eastern Canada- Sponsored by NABET 700 Unifor

WINNER: Murdoch Mysteries Season 13

Cutter: Erika Fulop, Cutter & Sewer for Julia Ogden: Nona Prilipko, Stitchers: Mary Furlong & Sam Crossley, Milliner: Charlene Seniuk

Excellence in Crafts, Western Canada- Building

WINNER: See, Season One

Cutters: Kieu Nguyen, Tannis Hegan, Seamstresses: Ying Quan, Roma Wnuk, Renee Hope Twaddle

Costume Design in Short Film

WINNER: Liam and May

Costume Designer: Lara Berry

On Set Assistant: Yuliana Rubio

Costume Design in Web Series

WINNER: Devouring Dungeon: A One Hit Die Adventure, 303, Bag of Farts

Costume Designer: Odessa Bennett, Costume Designer: Ralamy Kneeshaw

Armourer: Andy Guba, Cutter: Ronda Borneman, Cutter: Ana Simões Marquer, Cutter: Jolane Houle, Set Supervisor: Hilary Boterman

Styling in Commercials & Music Videos- Sponsored by Berman & Co.

WINNER: Anthem “Conviction”

Costume Designer: Kristin Thurber

Assistant Designer: Magdalena Shenher, Coordinator: Sabina Bullard. Head Cutter: Devon Halfnight Lefluffy, Cutter: Gina Hopkins, Stitchers: Vanessa Palmer, Charlotte Chang, Andrea Macdonald & Ashandra Soleil Block, Hero Builder: Salem Taylor, Scar Builders: Jessica Pantella & Dylan Gilbert Lad, Breakdown Key: Christina Simpkin, Breakdown Assist: Veronica Lepik, Leather Worker Key: Richard Wasnock, Work Room Assistant: Rebecca Phillip

Costume Design in Indie Feature- Sponsored by IATSE 891

WINNER: The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw

Costume Designer: Adriana Fulop

Costume Assistant/Set Supervisor: Vanessa Young, Set Supervisor: Alisha Robinson, Costume Daily: Morgan Penney

Costume Design in TV- Contemporary- Sponsored by IATSE 873

WINNER: Baroness Von Sketch, 401, Humanity is in an Awkward Stage

Costume Designer: Nicole Manek

Assistant Designer: Elise Taylor, Set Supervisor: Delaney Hicock, Truck Supervisor: Aleksia Pavlovic, Buyer/Set Assistant: Gwyneth Barton, Seamstress: Melinda Dempster

Costume Design in TV- Period- Sponsored by IATSE 873

WINNER: The Terror, 206, Taizo

Costume Designer: Tish Monaghan

Assistant Designers: Kenichi Tanaka, Jaida Hay & Takashi (Ash) Bernhardt, Costume Supervisor: Janice Swaze, Costume Coordinator: Kyla Nesbitt, BG Costume Coordinator: Debbie Geaghan, Set Supervisor: Denise Barrett, Truck Costumer: Christina Petford, Key Breakdown Artist: Sharon Fauvel, Breakdown Artists: Katy Johnson & Jim Campbell,Cutters: Rosalie Lee & Elizabeth Raap-Walski, Shoppers/Prep Costumers: Colette Storey & Suzette Soloman, BG Set Supervisor: Katie Johnson, BG Truck Costumer: Maxine Siperko, Prep Costumers: Stephanie Nolan, Sheila Bingham & Emily Laing, Seamstresses: Patrice Yapp, Anna Postawski, Petra Wright, Jillian Little, 7 Sula Salampassis, Kimono Tech: Fumiko Horan

Costume Design in TV- Sci-Fi/Fantasy- Sponsored by IATSE 873

WINNER: Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, 306,

The Penultimate Peril

Costume Designer: Cynthia Summers

Assistant Designers: Phoebe Parsons & Kelsey Chobotar, Costume Coordinator: Courtney Mckenzie & Lorelei Burk, BG Coordinator: Deanna Palkowski, Illustrator: Keith Lau, Prep Costumer: Madeleine Mckibbon, Natalie Mason, Eli Finley, Marcia Mior, Natasha DeFazio & Miel Nicholson, Background Costumer: Natalina Sabathil, Key Breakdown Artist: Sage Lovett, Breakdown Artists: Chance Lovett, Brittany Morrow, Shelby Page & Alissa Luxford, Head Cutter: Devon Halfnight LeFluffy, Assistant Head Cutter: Norma Bowen, Seamstresses: Lisa Truong, Vina Guigcangco, Anna Postawski, Helena Prentice, Chelsea Murray, Sahar Eslami & Alina Babii, Set Supervisor: Steve Holloway, Truck Costumer: Sanchia Wong, Set Costumer: Steve Oben, BG Set Supervisor: Deanna Palkowski, Costumer: Carmen Bonzelius, BG Truck Costumer: Chloe Sonnenfeld, 2nd Unit Set Supervisor: Magdalena Shenher

Costume Design in Film- Contemporary- Sponsored by IATSE 891

WINNER: Ready or Not

Costume Designer: Avery Plewes

Assistant Costume Designer: Heather Crepp, Set Supervisor: Joey Watson, Truck Supervisor: Anita Schspansky, Breakdown Artist: Alex Kavanagh

Costume Design in Film- Period- Sponsored by IATSE 891

WINNER: The Lighthouse

Costume Designer: Linda Muir,

Managing Director, Seamless Costumes: Kelly Sullivan

Tailor: Marvin Schlichting, Tailor’s Assistant: Stefan Dean Stitchers: Nancy Allen, Lori Bond, Angela Colburne, Monique MacNeill, Leanne Reimer, Lynette Schlichting & Raelene Worthington, Milner: Julie Munson, Bootmaker: Jitterbug Boy, Aging/ Breakdown: Sue Willis, Alima Meyboom, Knitter: Laurie Krempien-Hall, Set Supervisor: Bethana Briffett, Truck Supervisor: Rachael Grant

Nobis Industry Icon

Juul Haalmeyer

Juul Haalmeyer is a costume designer, best known for doing costume design on several iterations of SCTV. Haalmeyer also worked as a costume designer for many movies, television shows, theatre productions, concerts wardrobes for various artists and specials like Bridge to Silence, All My Sons, Long Day's Journey into Night, Noddy, the Shining Time Station Family Specials, Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales, Diamonds, Andrea Martin: Together Again, and Ghostwriter.

Costume Design in Film- International

WINNER: The Song of Names

Costume Designer: Anne Dixon

Assistant Designers: Anna Dal Farra & Clarke Stanley,

Costume Supervisors: Heather Leat, Sosa Juristovszky & Madeleine Tremblay

Costume Design in TV International

WINNER: Daybreak, 107, Canta Tu Vida

Costume Designer: Michael Ground, Assistant Costume Designers: Maria Tortu & Suzanne Barnes, Costume Supervisor: Danny Vick, Head Ager Dyer: Wynema Chavez, Head Cutter: Aura Sperling.

The show was directed by Liz Whitmere and written by Cynthia Amsden. Music composed by Gary Grant, lyrics by Cynthia Amsden. The hosts were Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen. Presenters were CBC's Angeline Tetteh-Wayoe, Toronto Life Fashion's Odessa Paloma Parker, actors Helene Joy, Lauren Lee Smith, Dewshane Williams, Shanice Banton, Steven McCarthy, Rachel Ancheril, and Salvatore Antonio, fashion bloggers Cailli & Sam Beckerman, and Drag Queens Priyanka Love and Helena Poison. DJ Salazar Solomon performed during the party.

"Canadian film and television is world-renowned for its quality and contribution to international storytelling. It's very exciting for us to be able to recognize our Canadian costume designers and costume artisans. Their breadth of talent over various genres demonstrates their understanding that art can be created big budget projects as well as in short or indie budgeted formats," said Co-Chairs Joanna Syrokomla and Cynthia Amsden.

The 2020 CAFTCAD Awards is sponsored by DIAMOND: IATSE 873; IATSE 891. LEGACY Sponsor: Nobis. RUBY: NABET 700-M UNIFOR; Berman & Company. SAPPHIRE: City of Toronto. JADE: Grand Costumier; Canada Life; Sync On Set; IATSE 856. OPAL: Platis Drycleaners; Mokuba; Cactus Sewing Studio; IATSE 634; William F White; Sassoon Salon.

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