• Anthony Nadeau

The Old Ways Movie Review-Brings Back Some Classic Horror Storytelling-Available Oct 12, 2021

This movie starts with a bang right at the start of the film that actually made me jump and movies these days do not make me jump.

I watch a lot of horror movies and it takes a lot to make me jump but that opening scene definitely made me jump and Julia Vera who plays Luz, is the witch is quite intense looking but she's only there to help the young girl who becomes possessed.

At the start of the film, Cristina(Brigitte Kali Canales) is kidnapped when she goes to investigate this tunnel where people have told her including her cousin not to go because she knows that it's an evil place and there's nothing but the harm that will come to her.

She is there in taken to this place and the rest of the movie plays out in this small little shack, there's a man there who feeds her, let's use the bathroom that sort of thing they're never cruel to her but once they start the exorcism things get little things to get little bloody things to get kind of messy it's not for the weak-hearted for sure.

This is an exorcism movie and it gets quite intense in some things I found myself kind of riveted by what was going on. Some very well-done scenes during the exorcism, this is one of the better movies on the subject that I have seen in a long time.

This is now streaming on Netflix in North America I am not sure about other countries but this is definitely just in time for Halloween it's a perfect movie like I say if you like a good storyline it's original I have not seen one like this before so definitely seek it out if you have the chance.

I know that the new Halloween movie comes out next week but it's good to support independent horror as well because a lot of good stuff is out there that deserves attention as well.

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