• Anthony Nadeau

"The Waiting"- Film Review: A Ghost Love Story--Directed By Fred Rabbath

The Waiting is not your standard ghost story, it is more a story of lost love.

We have Eric played well by Nick Leali who very unsure of himself and has also just got a job at the local hotel. He is late on his first day at work and is ridiculed by the supervisor about his tardiness.

He soon finds out that a certain room in the hotel is apparently haunted, by the two women who are the housekeepers at the hotel. Curious he tries to get more information from his supervisor who tells him not to worry about it. With the aid of one the young women, he has access to the room in question.

In a side story, we see Eric meeting with a few different women for dates, some are kind and some not so much. This does not help with his confidence. One even would rather spend time on her phone than speak with him directly.

Back at the hotel, Eric is now trying to enter the haunted room, he was previously warned by the housekeepers that he should remove himself from the room within 60 seconds or the ghost will appear. The first time he quickly dashes from the room. As time goes on he becomes more interested in what could possibly happen.

She appears, however as his visits become more often the ghost who is at first glance indeed somewhat scary things change by his interest in seeing why this ghost is here.

A ghost story with more than just trying to scare or gross out the audience, Fred Rabbath has written/directed a touching and yet sad story of lost love.

Because of the haunted room, business is down and he feels that if he can get rid of the ghost from the hotel, it may save the hotel and everyone's jobs.

He finds that the woman's name is Elizabeth and the reason for her being in the room is because she took her own life in that very room because the love of her life didn't return to her as he had promised. He had a wife and a life outside of their relationship.

Over time Eric & Elizabeth continue to communicate from his empathy for her loss, and her choice to take her life and is hopeful to help in whatever manner he can.

Elizabeth over time realizes that Eric has nothing but her best interest in mind and her haunting image starts to disappear as she starts to have feelings for him.

Things start to become more obvious that the hotel cannot be saved from being closed. With that in mind Eric goes to Elizabeth and begs her to leave the hotel, however, she has been cursed to spend her time in the room.

This is one of those films if you let the story build and watch to the end I am sure that you will not be disappointed in the end result.

Fred Rabbath has done it again, his film "A Brilliant Monster" was one of my favorite films the year that it came out.

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