• Anthony Nadeau

Two Heads Creek Movie Review-"Nothing Worse Than Extended Family"--(The Horror Collective)

Sarcasm at its best is not an easy thing to find in a horror-comedy. Two films come to mind-Shaun of the Dead & Tucker & Dale Vs Evil, for the last number of years. This one is right up there with its one-liners and many "killer" scenes.

From the beginning, we can tell that Norman is not a butcher, but he is also very unwelcome by the young kids who harass him every day, on their bikes at the families butcher shop.

Early on their mother dies and Annabelle(above), his sister comes to be at her memorial, after going through some of her belongings they soon find out that she is in fact -not their mother, and their real birth mother is in Australia.

After their long flight to Australia, they then joke with the local customs agent when he asked if they have any prior crimes and Annabelle jokes and asks "Is that a requirement to enter"?

He then takes them to a room where he goes through all of their belongings and then at the demands of Annabelle he decides to let them go onward.

After their tour of the very small town, they meet the townspeople at a cookout and after talking to a few of them, find out that their mother has, in fact, passed away.

Norman is convinced that the townspeople are up to something that may have been the reason for their mother's death.

As the movie continues it becomes more and more bloody, but without really spoiling the story or few surprises along the way, I will leave it at that.

Norman & Annabelle find the house that belongs to their mother and they find that things are far worse than they had imagined, there at the house and the graveyard. The end fight is classic and well-orchestrated -our lead villain, Apple(Helen Dallimore-below)loses her hair extensions when she hit in the face, she then takes the time to grab it and put it back on her head.

All in all, if you like your "different blend" of horror-comedy then I am sure you will like this one.

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