• Anthony Nadeau

Vajra-Irkalla Music Review --Thunder Colt Records(Available Now) Independent Music Promotions

Hailing from New York City this is the band's first release of what is to be a trilogy of consciousness-it was released on Friday, January 15th an auspicious day that is a derivative of three in numerology. (Band's bio)

This is the bands long-awaited EP, their last album was back in 2012 and I say that they are a welcome addition to this year that has already shown itself to be an exciting year for music and this is only January, I have heard some great things!

I love the build-up in the song "Maya"-(video above) the vocals are so strong here by Annamaria Pinna, is something to be celebrated, and the crunching section at the 2:20 part of the song --really brings it up another notch. Top-notch stuff here and this is just one song folks.

They have a great diverseness in the playing and the vocals are fantastic!

This is my favorite song of theirs, just a great mix of sounds and the switch of the vocal range throughout the song is quite mesmerizing. The video is shot somewhat different than your standard band shoot, watch it and see for yourself.

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