• Anthony Nadeau

"Wheels" A Slice Of Life In Brooklyn-Movie Review(1091 Pictures)

Wheels tells the story of a young man Max(Arnstar) who wants to be a Dj, not just any kind of Dj but the best one in Brooklyn-his stage name is Max-a-million. This film has one of the best soundtracks I have heard this year and can see the influences of other directors in this film, but it has a fresh style and flow of its own.

Max lives with his grandmother(Dorothi Fox) and he loves her very much and he and his brother Terry don't want to put her in a home.

Terry(Joshua Boone) is out now after serving three years in jail, he is worried about returning to the former work that had put him in jail. He finds work at an electronics repair shop, not getting the hours and the money he was used to having before, the life of crime becomes more tempting for him.

Walking down the street Max hears some music playing and upon investigating he meets Liza(Shyrley Rodriguez), they hit it off really quickly and they are soon dating and the chemistry between the two young actors is very genuine, one of the better relationships I have seen on screen in a while.

The meeting of Liza is a blessing for their grandma because she helps her get some motivation and she ends up joining her grandsons at the basketball court and watches them play a friendly game of basketball. Family is the core here for the story and it is displayed here very well by everyone.

Terry goes back to his old ways and back with Oscar(Kareem Saninon) who is a rough young man who has the power in their part in Brooklyn. Terry tries to convince Max to join up with them and he can get some brand new turntables(or wheels) without having to pay for them, but Max stays true to himself and keeps wheeling with his cart full of his gear and records and trying to make it on his own skills.

He is eager to enter a local show for the chance of being the best Dj in Brooklyn and so he keeps focused on that.

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