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When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit-Movie Review Available Now August 10, 2021-LevelFilm (Route 504 PR)

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit based on the semi-autobiographical story of Judith Kerr--who passed away in 2019. This is the story of her father's dislike for Hitler and wrote very damming things about him in 1933 working as a writer for one of the papers in Berlin, just days prior to the election. Hitler wanted to silence those who spoke against him and his beliefs.

With the possibility of being found by his men, the father leaves and a day later, the family leaves Berlin for Switzerland to be with him. Then they move to Paris and then finally found a home in London, all the while keeping things in perspective for their young children and not hiding from the truth but from the hatred that was spewed upon the Jewish people in that time, and fleeing for their lives.

This is not so much a movie about the war as it is about the people at that time in history and how affected them, this is a story about a young woman and her family and how they had to flee Berlin.

There are some wonderful, quiet, and bonding moments between Anna(Riva Krymalowski) her father Arthur(Oliver Masucci) in one scene where they are on the balcony of one of the places in which they are staying at she has some questions for him, as they have just celebrated Christmas.

Anna: "Do you believe in God?"

Arthur: "I'm afraid not---I only believe in gratefulness-- people who don't feel grateful always lose"

Anna: " I'm very grateful right now, especially right now for my school bag"

Her father gently touches her head and runs his hand down her hair--as a comforting moment of the film.

The title of the book & now movie comes from the fact that Anna has left her beloved pink rabbit behind with the family's home care worker in Berlin. When Anna is told that it will be sent to her as soon as they get settled and they let her know where they are. A few days later some of Hitler's men go to their old home and take everything away, including the suitcase with Anna's things and her pink rabbit.

In another scene when the parents have to tell the children they have to keep moving for the fear is ever-present for them. This is near the end of the film as they are preparing to leave for London.

She has more questions.

Anna: "Can we never go back home?"

Father pauses and says gently:

Arthur: "I don't know"...(he pauses), "maybe one day"...."but not now".... maybe we'll never be at home in one single place".. "but a little bit at home in many different places"

The young actress Riva Krymalowski(above) is amazing in her role as Anna, she captures your heart from the moment we meet her and she is by far one of the best young performers I have ever seen! She is head and shoulders above anyone else in this film as she needs to be as she is the lead of the film.

There is a peacefullnes about this film, even though it takes place in a dark time in history, this is the ray of sunshine bearing through the clouds of despair.

I cannot say enough about this film.

One of the best films of the year for me.

Much like "The Book Thief" this is a tale of strength & courage in a time of uncertainty.

Available for rent starting today August 10, 2021, on digital.

In German with English Subtitles.

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